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Client Testimonials

Express Cleaning offer a wonderful service. Our cleaner has been absolutely incredible, always punctual, so friendly, and the apartment is immaculate. I highly recommend this professional service!!

Dan Stanley

We've been using Express Cleaning for several months now and have been thoroughly impressed since day one. At first we were a bit hesitant to use an online service but Express Cleaning has sent us professional, polite, hard working people who've kept our home looking great. Good communication and great service make this a perfect choice. Thanks for everything!

Elizabeth Zenden


Express Cleaning supply a fantastic service that gets the job done through commitment and fine skills. My house was not the best looking home around, but since Express Cleaning got involved, it's never looked better. The housekeeper they sent was dedicated to the job, and did the best cleaning work I've ever seen. I would highly reccommend Express Cleaning to anyone who wants a fast and reliable house cleaning service.


Salem Ali



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